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Rental Real Estate Advisory

  • Your rental activities must be viewed as a separate business that carries responsibility and reward

  • We can help you with:

    • Guidance on setting up your rental activities

    • Risk management

      • Choosing entity-level protections

      • Proper actions to take to maintain entity-level protection

      • Ownership records

    • ​The decision making process in establishing banking and insurance coverage

  • Tax guidance and strategy (how to file, appropriate forms, how to approach)

  • Setting up procedure & controls for managing property rents

  • Accounting workflow for income and expenses, preparing tax records

  • Managing the above actions in a holistic tax and personal finance framework

  • We can act as an outsourced advisor and manage your accounting processes for you

The Rental Real Estate Advisory Process


Schedule a Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your rental activities, what your goals are, and the scope of the work to be completed in order to set you up for success





Submit Your Documents

Ryan will provide a secure online portal to securely submit, store, and encrypt your documents. During the advising process, this portal will be used to access confidential records and correspondence. 

Gather Your Documents

If you decide Ryan is a good fit for your rental real estate needs, the next step is to collect all of your necessary documents (e.g. real estate records, tax records, rental agreements, financial records, etc).




Kick Back and Relax!

After documents are received, Ryan gets to work in verifying and strengthening the accounting process and strategy of your rental activities. Ryan makes himself open to communication.

Review Period

Once work is completed, we'll take time to review new procedures, accounting processes, and tax strategy to ensure your goals and the scope of work is met.



Make Your Payment to Maguire Co.

Though Ryan will provide you with an estimated cost of the advisory service before the work is done, you will not receive an invoice until work is completed.


Schedule a Call with Ryan!

If you’re interested in working with Ryan to set up your rental activities, schedule a quick 15 - 20 minute call with him to get your questions answered and to see whether it’ll be a good fit!

Please use the calendar below to select a time that works best for you. 

**Having trouble using the calendar? Click the button below for a different way to access the calendar. 

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