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Tax Preparation Service

Filing taxes is never fun, but it shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming either! 


When you work with Ryan Maguire, you get a qualified CPA who can provide you a seamless and convenient experience when submitting your financial information and consulting with him.


Tax Preparation Options

Leveraging his CPA experience, Maguire CPA specializes in working with clients who:

  • Need a standard tax return prepared.

  • Have income from more than once source, hold many brokerage accounts, and need multiple tax schedules to accurately reflect their tax situation.

Below is a list of the various filings Ryan can complete for his clients:

Maguire Co.-Tax-Preparation-Options.png

The Tax Preparation Process


Schedule a Discovery Call

Don’t commit to just anyone when looking for a tax preparer. You should always get a feel for the professional before you decide to work with them. Schedule a discovery call with Ryan Maguire, CPA to see if he’s a good fit for you!




Gather Your Financial Documents

If you decide Ryan is a good fit for your tax preparation needs, the next step is to collect all of your necessary financial documents (e.g. W-2s, 1099s, Schedule K-1, and any other documents reporting additional forms of income).


Submit Your Financial Documents

Ryan will provide a secure online portal to securely submit, store, and encrypt your financial documents. During the tax preparation process, this portal will be used to access confidential records and correspondence. 



Make Your First Payment to Maguire CPA

This payment is required for work to begin. Your payment will be deducted from your total invoice once the tax return is prepared.


Kick Back and Relax!

After you send in all your financial documents to Ryan, you can relax while he completes the necessary forms and schedules. Ryan makes himself open to communication, so please reach out as you please. He might contact you to clear up any questions he might have regarding your earnings. 




Review and Sign Your Forms

Once all forms for your filing are completed, he will share with you the finished document(s) for your approval before submitting them to the IRS. Maguire CPA electronically submits tax returns with the secure IRS e-file. Your signature will be needed on various pages of the final document(s).


Receive a Copy of Your Filings

Upon completing your tax filings, Ryan will send you a copy of the finalized documents.



Make Your Final Payment to Maguire CPA

Though Ryan will provide you with an estimated cost of the tax preparation before the work is done, you will not receive an invoice until the tax preparation is complete.


Schedule a Call with Ryan!

If you’re interested in working with Ryan this Tax Season, schedule a quick 15 - 20 minute call with him to get your questions answered and to see whether it’ll be a good fit!

Please use the calendar below to select a time that works best for you. 

**Having trouble using the calendar? Click the button below for a different way to access the calendar. 

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